Summer Shooters

Summer Shooter 2022 Leaderboard

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Caroline getting her shots up and an Emmy Award for Video Production!

Summer Shooters Program

  1. The goal is for each player to TAKE 7,500 shots over the next 90 days.  You must take shots on at least 65 of the 90 days and you can only count up to 300 shots on any given day.
  2. This program is open immediately and final Shot Logs will need to be in by September 2nd.
  3. Anyone who takes at least 7,500 shots and has shot on at least 65 of the 90 days will be awarded a JLK Summer Shooter 2022 T-Shirt.
  4. The player that takes the most shots will have their JLK basketball replaced with an official OHSAA game ball, be provided with a new outdoor basketball, and a $25 Graeter’s Gift Card.  (If there is a tie, or multiple players reach the 27,000 shot maximum, multiple awards will be given.)
  5. The players that rank 1st at their age group will be provided with a new a new outdoor basketball, and a $10 Graeter’s Gift Card.
  6. Awards will be distributed at Meet the Teams Night in October.

Players are encouraged to report their progress by emailing their Shot Log to each Sunday.  Please help and provide the total.  Handwritten or electronic is fine.  We will post a complete leaderboard each week.  If you include a picture or video, you’ll likely see it on our Social Media pages!

We are really interested in building good habits here.  So here are some guidelines –

  • While we encourage players to MAKE as many shots as they can, we really want them to get used to practicing their shot on a regular basis.
  • First and foremost, shots should be taken with good technique.  Most of our players have probably done form shooting at practice.  (One handed shots, working on good form, very close to the basket count as shots taken!  Mikan drill type shots do not count.)
  • All shots should be taken from a reasonable range for the players age, strength, and ability.  As the summer goes on and more shots are taken, the player should try to gradually extend their range while still comfortably making more shots than they miss.
  • Others may rebound for them.
  • You don’t have to count their shots, they should do that.  Please do pay enough attention that they are actually shooting, shooting with purpose, (not just throwing the ball towards the basket), and that they have spent a time reasonable enough for the shots they report taking.  Most players can take over  100 shots in 10 – 15 minutes, particularly if they are relatively close to the basket, or have a rebounder.
  • Encourage your player that some of their shots should be free throws.
  • Here are a few resources –
    • This is what we use most when teaching players -  Some of our older players might have been to one of their clinics when we have hosted them in the past.
    • Here is what Form Shooting should look like -
    • A Google search will indicate that there might be as many theories on shooting as there are basketball coaches.   If you find something else, please make sure it is something from someone reputable.