Pre-Season Clinic


We will offer a chance for our players to return to the gym and get some instruction just prior to Evaluations.  This is normally conducted in mid to late September in one or two sessions.

We will host a rotation of local and national coaches and trainers for this event.

Winter Season


The winter season represents our primary offering.

JLK offers competitive teams from 2nd to 8th grade that compete in the Dayton Metro, Cincinnati Junior High Leagues, and Kingdom Sports Center Leagues.

2nd to 8th Grade Teams will play between 16-35 games, as appropriate for their age group, in a combination of Dayton Metro League, and/or other local leagues, as well as various local tournaments.  2nd to 6th Grade Teams will practice twice per week during the season.  7th and 8th Grade Teams will practice three times per week.  Practices will begin in late October for Junior High teams and early November for 2nd – 6th Grade teams.  Games will begin in late November to early December.  The season will conclude in early March.

Junior High June

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Each June our Junior High Teams compete in the South Dayton Junior High Summer League as well as some additional one day events and scrimmages.  Registrations will normally open in mid April.  We will normally have a practice or two in late May to prepare.  In many years, we also include our rising 6th graders in this program.

Summer Open Gyms

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From Mid-July to Late August we will host Open Gyms as facilities and coach availability allow.  These are open to all 2nd - 8th Grade Girls.  Sessions will normally consist of some skill and principle instruction mixed with free play.