Board of Directors


Rob Carruth


Rob has been JLK President since 2014 and has served on the Board since 2012.  Rob oversees the management of the club including website and communications, planning, policy recommendations, conducting board meetings, coach recruitment, as well as securing facility rentals, and Junior High scheduling.


Ellen Miller

Vice - President

Ellen has been Vice - President since 2016?  Ellen is responsible for relations with the feeder schools, Alter High School, player recruitment, and event management.


Emily Crotty


Emily has been the Treasurer since 2018.  She manages our banking, taxes, non-profit filings, billing, and receivables.  Emily also assists in other areas as needed.  She also brings a much needed parent perspective to the JLK Board.


Dave Ireton

Member At-Large

Dave has been a Board Member since 2017.  Dave completes all of our Dayton Metro League scheduling and assists in coordinating referees and game day workers.  In addition to to this task, Dave frequently assists with game day gym supervision.

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Kevin Arcuri

Member At-Large

Kevin has been a Board Member since 2018.  Kevin is responsible for sponsorships.  Kevin brings a wealth of wisdom to our organization from his many years of soccer coaching and administration.


Laurel Link

Member At-Large

Laurel has been a Board Member since 2019.  Laurel assists in getting items picked up and delivered to our players and coaches.  She alos assists in gym supervision on game days.  Laurel brings an invaluable parent perspective to the Board.



Member At-Large

This open seat could assist with our social media engagement by managing and expanding our presence to include additional platforms, more frequent engagement as well as more creative content.



Member At-Large

This open seat could assist with managing volunteers throughout the season, managing communications or with other items that the members skills and expertise could be used to support and improve our organization.

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